Evil Genius | Flyin Hawaiian *Limited Release*

ABV: 6.0% Available in: 12 oz. NR 4/6, 1/6 & 1/2 BBL
This Fruit Punch Pale Ale is a summertime favorite. Brewed with the highest quality barley, hopped with Idaho 7, Cascade, Simcoe, & Centennial, then infused with all natural fruit punch.

Rogue | Just A Pinch *Limited Release*

ABV: 4.5% Available in: 12 oz. can 4/6
With their brewery sitting on the Pacific Ocean, all the salt air went to Rogue’s heads and had them dreaming of a cold, refreshing saltly sour ale. So, they went out on the water and hand-harvested their own Yaquina Bay sea salt to brew the beer of their dreams. Tart and with a pinch of salt, this beer reminds them of their home.

Rogue | Marionberry Sour *Limited Release*

ABV: 6.5% Available in: 16 oz. can 6/4
This sour ale highlights the tart side of the Marionberry while ensuring a pleasant balance through the fruit’s natural sweetness.

Rogue | Combat Wombat *Limited Release*

ABV: 7.2% Available in: 16 oz. can 6/4
Weird & wonderful fusion of hazy IPA and sour ale brewed with grapefruit and blood orange, then dry-hopped with Australian hops.

Ithaca | Flower Power with Citra Hops *Limited Release*

ABV: 7.2% Available in: 16 oz. can 6/4
This special Flower Power variant celebrates the Citra hop. Known for its lush tropical fruit flavors like peach, passion fruit, guava, lychee, grapefruit, lime and gooseberry, Citra lends itself well to this release. Flower Power’s floral, punchy pineapple and citrus profile, as well as clover honey sweetness are complemented by Citra’s distinct qualities.

New Belgium | Juicy Haze IPA

ABV: 7.5% Available in: 19.2 oz. 15PK
Packed with bright tropical aromas and brilliant citrusy flavors, this unfiltered IPA wraps up with a pleasantly smooth finish

Dogfish Head | Summer Variety Pack *Limited Release*

Dogfish Head | Summer Variety (Limited Release)
Available in: 12 oz. can 2/12
This Summer variety pack includes the following: Slightly Mighty, 60 Minute IPA and Festina Peche.

Flying Fish | SMPL Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

Available in: 12 oz. can 15PK
100 Calories, zero gluten and filled with all-natural flavor combinations. SMPL Hard Seltzer is ready for the mountains, the beach or the backyard. Flavors available in the variety pack: Pomegranate & Lime, Blueberry & Peach, Mango & Kiwi.

Jack’s Hard Cider | Variety Pack

Available in: 12 oz. can 15PK
Jack’s produces their hard cider with the finest raw ingredients to deliver unparalleled taste with no additives. This variety pack includes Jack’s Hard Cider Dry Hopped, Original, Pear, Peach and Rose!

Guinness Open Gate Brewery | White Ale *Limited Release*

ABV: 4.9% Available in: 12 oz. can 4/6
Brewed in Baltimore and distributed only to a few regional markets, this White Ale is made with both malted and unmalted wheat, and fermented with the legacy Guinness yeast (yes, the same as the Draught Stout).

Twisted Tea | Black Cherry

ABV: 5.0% Available in: 24 oz. can 12PK
Great taste of Iced Tea with a twist of Black Cherry!

Yards | Heritage Surf IPA *Highly Limited Release*

ABV: 5.4% Available In: 16 oz. can 6/4
A new can coming to the First Draft Small Batch Series, this is Heritage Surf IPA. It pays tribute to the Sea Isle City, NJ surf shop of the same name.

Evil Genius | You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls *Limited Release*

ABV: 5.5% Available in: 12 oz. NR 4/6
The newest warm weather quencher in our line-up: a raspberry-infused lemon shandy! This shandy starts off with a base of pilsner and wheat, is dosed delicately with Warrior hops to compliment the complex bitterness from the lemon, then fermented with our house ale yeast. To top off this refreshing base and keep you wanting s’more, we infuse this beer with all natural raspberry. This beer is perfect for crushin’, yeah yeah!

Great America Moonshine | Watermelon *Limited Release*

ABV: 14% Available in: 23.5 oz. jar 6PK
Brewed and bottled in Detroit, Michigan, inspired by the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to be the first Flavored Malt Beverage Specialist moonshine. The beverage is a throwback to the past, combined with a modern attitude.

Arnies Spiked Lemonade | SLIM Cans

ABV: 5.0% Available in: 12 oz. SLIM can 2/12
Now available in 12 oz slim cans!

LYTT | Cryo Candy

ABV: 13.9% Available in: 24 oz. can 2/12
Head back to the state fair with LYTT Cryo Candy, a smooth cotton candy flavor that gets the party started! LYTT beverages are a reverse-osmosis filtered malt beverage, infused with herbs and zero sugar.

Saranac | Weekend Warrior Variety Pack *Limited Release*

Available in: 12 oz. can 2/12
Saranac Weekend Warrior Thirst Quencher is a series of light, hazy and juicy IPAs with lower alcohol content for those with active lifestyles. The variety pack includes L’il Hazy Ale, Juicy Ale and Session IPA.

Lexington Brewing Co. | Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Strawberry Ale *Limited Release*

ABV: 8.0% Available in: 12 oz.NR 6/4
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Strawberry Ale features a nose of fresh strawberries to complement the caramel, vanilla and oak finish from this brew’s time in fresh bourbon barrels delivered by Kentucky’s finest distilleries. This crisp and refreshing ale is brewed with light and medium toasted malts to give complement to the generous addition of strawberries.

Yards | Summer Mix Variety Pack *Limited Release*

Available in: 12 oz.can 2/12
This Summer Mix Variety Pack includes Yards Pale Ale, Philthy Hazy IPA, Summer Crush and Pynk!