Smirnoff Seltzer | Fall Variety *Limited Release*

ABV: 4.5% Available in: 12oz SLIM can 2/12
This seasonal variety pack includes: Peach, Cranberry Lime, Blackberry and Raspberry.

Ithaca | Fuggly Sweater *Limited Release*

ABV: 5.7% Available in: 16oz can 6/4 & 1/6s
Fuggly Sweater is a dark lager brewed to inspire the holiday favorite, gingerbread. Chocolate malt brings in soft and subtle cocoa notes. Ginger is at center stage, with a light amount of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon rounds out the spice profile.

TGI Fridays | Margarita

ABV: 10.0% Available in: 24oz can 12PK
One of TGI Fridays most popular drinks now available in a can!

TGI Fridays | Long Island Iced Tea

ABV: 10.0% Available in: 24oz can 12PK
You’ll taste cola first, followed by tea and fresh lemon in this flavored malt beverage – a true Long Island Iced Tea flavor with boozy notes and a nice sweetness, all in balance.