The Beast Unleashed | Mean Green
ABV: 6.0% Available in: 16oz can 24PK
The original crew has been making drinks for 30+ years now. Their favorite brand Monster Energy is about to turn 21. They figured why not celebrate the big day by making an adult beverage? They hit delete on the energy blend, cut out the caffeine, and ditched the sugar. Next, they brewed up the smoothest-tasting alcohol ever and blended it with their tried and true flavors. The Beast is Unleashed! Great taste and no sugar to weigh you down. Get ready to celebrate and don’t be afraid of the big bad Beast. Cheers!

The Beast Unleashed | White Haze
ABV: 6.0% Available in: 16oz can 24PK
Based off of the popular Monster Energy Zero Ultra, White Haze has an elevated citrus flavor that really punches you into beast mode.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade | Wild Berry (Limited Release)
ABV: 5.0% Available in: 11.2oz NR 4/6
Nobody makes lemonade like Mike’s. Mike’s is hard. So is prison. Don’t drive drunk.

Truly | Citrus Squeeze
ABV: 5.0% Available in: 24oz can 12PK
Every sip is met with a zesty citrus aroma and a refreshing, crisp finish. This bright and tangy flavor is bursting with the natural sweetness of real fruit juice and perfect for any occasion.

Flying Fish | Dirt Cake (Limited Release)
ABV: 10.5% Available in: 16oz can 6/4 & 1/6s
This Imperial Stout is a dessert lovers dream! This rich and dark decadent stout is jammed packed with hints of chocolate cookies and vanilla sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Flying Fish | Go Birds (Limited Release)
ABV: 6.0% Available in: 16oz can 6/4
This hazy, juicy pale ale evokes hints of citrus and mango, perfect for the professional ornithologist or casual birder alike. Keep your eyes to the skies and raise a can to our favorite birds!

The Beast Unleashed | Peach Perfect
ABV: 6.0% Available in: 16oz can 24PK
Based on the Monster’s Peachy Keen, peaches have never tasted better. Perfection in a can!

The Beast Unleashed | Variety Pack
ABV: 6.0% Available in: 12oz can 2/12
This variety pack includes Mean Green, Perfect Peach, White Haze and Scary Berries.

Angry Orchard | Crisp Imperial
ABV: 8.0% Available in: 12oz can 4/6
Introducing Angry Orchard Crisp Imperial, the same bold crispy apple flavor you know and love, now with a punch of 8% ABV and the perfect balance of sweetness.

Lancaster | Shoofly Pie (Limited Release)
ABV: 6.2% Available in: 12oz can 6/4
Bringing to mind the flavor of homemade Pennsylvania Dutch shoo-fly pie, we brewed our Porter with pure Lancaster County molasses and a colorful array of toasty malts. We then add pure vanilla bean for a flavor profile that’s both smooth and uniquely complex.

Leinenkugel | Sunset Wheat (Limited Release)
ABV: 4.9% Available in: 12oz can 4/6
This award-winning Belgian-style witbier will give you notes of orange and blueberry, and a tart, citrusy finish. Top it with an orange wheel to add another note to the aroma and settle in for a sudsy sunset

Atomic Dog | Peach Hard Cider
ABV: 5.0% Available in: 12oz can 6/4, 1/2s & 1/6s
Atomic Dog Peach has a moderate tartness with ripe tree fruit notes of lemon & apple with tangerine and apricot mid pallet.