Slushed | Apple Pie (Limited Release)
ABV: 8.0% Available in: 5QT Bag 2PK
Just like mom’s apple pie! Notes of crisp apple and cinnamon.

Mike’s Hard | Blackberry Pear (Limited Release)
ABV: 5.0% Available in: 11.2oz NR 4/6
This Blackberry Pear seasonal pick delivers two refreshing flavors in one delicious lemonade!

Yards | Haunted Forever (Limited Release)
ABV: 6.66% Available in: 16oz can 6/4
Haunted Forever is the most brutal Black IPA ever conceived by Yards. Coming in at 6.66% ABV and brewed with Midnight Wheat, this dark and piney IPA will consume your soul. It’s pure, condensed, unadulterated liquid evil. But, you know, in a good way.

Flying Fish | Go Birds (Limited Release)
ABV: 6.0% Available in: 16oz can 6/4
This hazy, juicy pale ale evokes hints of citrus and mango, perfect for the professional ornithologist or casual birder alike. Keep your eyes to the skies and raise a can to your favorite birds!

Q Mixers | Classic Tonic
ABV: 0.0% Available in: 6.7 oz NR 24PK
Q Classic Tonic Water is the quintessential tonic water: bright and crisp, but not too sweet. Purpose-built to mix with London Dry gins, this Classic Tonic Water is crafted to complement the strongest, most juniper-forward gins.  Although it goes great with any gin.  Or vodka. Or tequila…

Q Mixers | Club Soda
ABV: 0.0% Available in: 6.7 oz NR 24PK
Q Club Soda has as much carbonation as the can or bottle will hold and a dash of Himalayan salt to enhance the taste of everything it’s mixed with.

Q Mixers | Sparkling Grapefruit
ABV: 0.0% Available in: 6.7 oz NR 24PK
Q Sparkling Grapefruit exists for one reason: to make your Paloma spectacular. Made from real Florida grapefruits, it is fresh, bitter and tart, with just a hint of sweetness.

Smirnoff Spiked Seltzer | Pink Lemonade
ABV: 4.5% Available in: 12oz can 2/12
Smirnoff Seltzer Pink Lemonade boasts notes of strawberry, lemon and raspberry. .

Slushed | Pumpkin Pie (Limited Release)
ABV: 8.0% Available in: 5QT Bag 2PK
Pumpkin Pie with a hint of spice. Simply Pour, Freeze, and Serve!

Ithaca | Box of Sours 2021 (Limited Release)
ABV: Various Available in: 16oz can 6/4
Box of Sours 2021 includes Tart Cherry Sour, Blackberry Sour, Tropical Sour and Lemon Tea Sour.

Flying Fish | Constant Motion (Limited Release)
ABV: 7.5% Available in: 16oz can 6/4
Coffee IPA collaboration with Revolution Coffee of Collingswood. This brew is wonderfully complex with copious amounts of tropical Citra, Mosaic and Azacca hops. Enhanced by bright berry notes and smooth caramel finish from Revolution’s masterfully balanced house cold brew.

Flying Fish | Caramel Espresso Porter (Limited Release)
ABV: 7.5% Available in: 16oz can 6/4 & 1/6s
Alluring aromas of rich caramel, bright roast, and hints of chocolate lead to decadent notes of coffee and caramel sweetness in this full bodied porter.

Q Mixers | Ginger Beer
ABV: 0.0% Available in: 6.7 oz NR 24PK
With organic agave and real ginger, Q Ginger Beer is spicy, highly carbonated, and not too sweet. Other ginger beers try to be both a spicy soda and a mixer, so they end up doing neither well. This Ginger Beer is crafted as a mixer and a mixer only. It is exactly what you and your vodka, rum, and whiskey are looking for.

Q Mixers | Elderflower Tonic
ABV: 0.0% Available in: 6.7 oz NR 24PK
Q Elderflower Tonic Water is fragrant, crisp, and clean, like the best warm nights of summer. It adds a marvelous floral edge to your favorite cocktail.

Q Mixers | Ginger Ale
ABV: 0.0% Available in: 6.7 oz NR 24PK
One hundred years ago, bottlers measured their worth by their ginger ale. With agave, ginger and a delicate blend of spices, Q Ginger Ale is crisp and clean with a gingery bite. Truly spectacular.

New Belgium Fruit Smash | Super Hard Pink Lemonade
ABV: 8.0% Available in: 19.2oz can 24PK
When life gives you lemons, squeeze the seltzer out of those naughty lil’ fruits. This light seltzer with lemon and raspberry flavors will do you right.